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Thinking Of Opting A Retaining Wall On Your Property? Keep The Following In Mind First

Retaining walls change the look of your property. They hold back soil on sloping grounds during erosion and give an aesthetic look to your garden. Various materials go into making a retaining wall. Some significant functions to consider during their construction are as follows:

Abiding by the Law

Did you know which specific codes to follow while constructing a retaining wall? The Australian Standard, AS4678 – Earth Retaining Structures, gives information on walls greater than 800mm and less than 15m in height. It also deals with walls that are 70° or more to the horizontal. Though AS4678 is a national retaining wall design standard, the local and state government rules vary all around Australia. Retaining walls taller than one metre or constructed on or near site boundaries require a building permit and must be built by a registered builder only. It is essential to know the laws before you start building your retaining wall.


Today, retaining walls are built with an array of materials. One of the most popular is the use of stone, timber and brick. Though concrete retaining walls are bland, they are also famous for durability and versatility. At Marcelles Carpentry, our team would help you select the right kind of retaining wall based on your requirement.

Add the Charm

We know retaining walls are incredibly functional, but who said they couldn’t look charming. Retaining walls change the look and feel of your property. You need to consider your property’s overall aesthetics, home, and outdoor space when you think of adding a retaining wall. The best is to choose a design that would perfectly blend with your property.

At Marcelle’s carpentry and building, we are experts when it comes to constructing retaining walls. Talk to our team today, so we can assist you in creating your dream retaining wall.


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