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Tips To Protect Your Timber Flooring & Furniture

Today, timber is one of the most popular building materials throughout Australia. The main reason for this is its strength and durability. It also looks good and has proved to be an excellent environmentally friendly solution. Though timber is a good and sturdy material, no one can deny the fact that it can deteriorate over time. It is, therefore, important to protect and treat it efficiently, so it would last for years to come.

Waterproof Your Timber

Water is one of the elements, that can cause quick deterioration of your wood. The best thing to do here is to waterproof your timber. Waterproofing your timber would prevent warping, rotting, cracking and quick deterioration. Timber, if not treated well, accumulates water. Once the water dries up, the timber contracts. This cycle of contracting and expanding will eventually damage the timber causing it to crack and warp. The best way to protect your timber is to use a proper sealant. The most common sealants include:

Epoxy resin Non-toxic waterproofing formulas Waterproofing oils like linseed oil and tung oil

Treat the Scratches & Marks

Scratches and marks are inevitable on timber floorings and furniture, no matter how careful you are. This is because most of the things are dropped, dragged or placed daily. You can remove these scratches. If the scratches are light, just polish the surface with cotton, wool or microfibre cloth. If the scratches are a bit deep, you can use a touch-up pen. For extremely deeper scratches, you need to talk to experts.

At Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building, we believe that nothing can beat the look and feel of natural timber. But at the same time, it is equally essential to protect it. A little protection for your timber flooring and furniture can make them look as good as new for decades. Connect with our team today to know how you can protect your wooden flooring and furniture from daily wear and tear.


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