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How To Extend The Life Of Your Fence – Follow These Tips

Timber is a natural choice when it comes to fencing. Timber fencing enhances the appearance and personality of your home. In addition to this, it offers protection and provides a boundary to your home. Timber Fences are durable, highly functional and add the perfect character to your property.

Today, timber fence undergo various treatment to be resistant to fungi, bores and termites but it needs more to stay healthy. At Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building, we are timber fencing experts and here are some tips to keep your timber fence healthy.

Regular Cleaning

The first step to maintaining your timber fence is cleaning it regularly. You can use a clean cloth and in case of moulds in green or black colour opting for power-wash is the ideal solution.

Trim The Bushes

Another way to maintain your fencing it to chop off the overgrown back bushes and plants to keep them away from your fences. The plants hold moisture and when they come in contact with your fences it can cause noticeable damage over time.

Repair Basic Damages

Timber fences are extremely strong. But over time, they also experience wear and tear. Timber fencing can be spilt and also be damaged under direct sunlight. Our carpenters assist you in building strong and impressive fencing. We provide you with various picket fencing options based on your exact requirements. We not only assist in the building of fences but also assist help in its maintenance.

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