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Secret Revealed – Easy Tips To Maintain Your Pergola!

A pergola is a basic yet practical garden structure that is known to serve multiple purposes. Today many Australian homes have a pergola in their backyards. Installing a pergola in one’s backyard is an eminent decision.

Several factors need to be taken into consideration at every step when you think of installing a pergola. Right from the initial design phase to the type of wood and even the finer details like the maintenance of the pergola, everything needs to be considered. In the end, all this effort is worth, as you get an astonishing relaxing space that you can enjoy any time of the year.

A pergola is that outdoor space that can be enjoyed in any weather. Marcelle’s Carpentry & Building is a comprehensive carpentry business that focuses on residential construction. Whether finished in colour bond roofing, tinted laser lite or even a passionfruit vine, a pergola can be designed and built to whatever suits your lifestyle and house style. We not only provide you with the best construction of your pergola but also with tips on how to maintain your pergola.

Scrub the Frame and Cooking Areas Regularly

Marcelle’s Carpentry & Building uses only top quality materials to build your pergola. Our country’s harsh elements, however, can cause a build-up of dirt and grime on the frames of your pergola. This can damage the structure over time. In addition to this many pergola’s have a barbeque or a food preparation area. While BBQ might be a great way to enjoy family time, it can cause your health if not kept cleaned and in a sanitary condition. No one wants burnt bits and old food that has turned toxic in their next BBQ dish. It is, therefore, essential to clean and scrub your pergola food area and structure clean and tidy.

Trim the Vines from Time to Time

It is common for many Australian homes to adorn their pergolas with some sort of climbing vines. Growing greens add a beautiful touch and atmosphere to one’s outdoor space. One of the most important things, that needs to be kept in mind here is that these vines thicken over time. Thickened veins mean more weight on the frame. Pergolas build by Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building are strong and can handle a considerable amount of weight but trimming the vines not only makes your pergola appear beautiful but also maintains the health of the vines.

Immediately Replace Damaged Sections

Even with careful maintenance, there will be some sections of your pergola that will get damaged over time. Whether it is the wear or tear over time or the harsh climatic conditions, your pergola structure gets weakened. This can cause a rapid deterioration of your beautiful structure. It is, therefore, imperative to identify and replace the damaged sections immediately.

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