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Know The Difference Between Carpentry & Joinery

Have you heard the words Carpentry and Joinery together? Both these words come hand-in-hand and confuse everyone. Often people think both these terms are the same. But, let us tell you, there is a minor difference between a joiner and a carpenter. Both carpenters and joiners are responsible for the construction, renovation, erection and repair of all the wooden structures.

Today, there are various does that come into the profile of a carpenter and joiner. Common tasks include:

Formwork for Concreting Framework Construction Pergolas or Gazebo building Deck Building or Floor Installation Window and Door Installation Interior Renovations Cladding Installation Furniture and Cabinet Construction

Major Difference

The difference between carpentry and joinery are slim, but cannot be said that they are the same thing. A joiner will make a beautiful piece of furniture or woodworking while a carpenter would be the one who would be able to put it in your home, make it fit and give your home an elegant look.

Common Jobs

The most common jobs of a joiner include building staircases, making window frames, creating doorways and even building furniture for your home. While the job of a carpenter is to install all types of shelvings and cabinetry in your home. The carpenter will also repair the window frames, replace fascia and soffit, fit the staircase and all such similar jobs.

It is not uncommon for a carpenter to be a trainer as a joiner or vice-versa. At Marcelle’s Carpentry and Building, all our contractors are skilled, experienced and trained in all areas to provide the perfect job. We provide you with an array of services like decking, window repairs, pergolas, picket fencing. In addition to these, we also provide you with renovations and extensions, decking, bathroom repairs and more. Connect with us today.

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